Welcome to the members only section of the website. Below you'll find the IFAA logo to download for your use. Also below are tax related downloads. Currently there is just the form for Non-Cash Charitable Contributions - if you give art to charity - but we'll be adding more as time permits.

          Dr. Rey Montez has generously provided the following information of language that must be placed on an appraisal for returns filed after February 16, 2007: 'The appraiser understands that a substantial or gross valuation misstatement resulting from an appraisal of the value of property that the appraiser knows, or reasonably should have known, would be used in connection with a return or claim for refund, may subject the appraiser to a civil penalty under Sec. 6695A'

          Suggestions from members for group promotions are appreciated. Call the office at (212) 475-0622 with input. IFAA is available by telephone at (212) 475-0622 for inquiries.